Help Save Distillers Who Helped Texas

Texas Craft Spirits PAC, in partnership with the Texas Whiskey Association, the American Craft Spritis Association, and the Texas Distilled Spirits Association has launched the #StillStrongTX campaign to raise money to advocate for common-sense regulations that will give Texas distillers the CONTACTLESS direct-to-consumer sales options they need to stay in business. All we ask is that you take 3 quick actions:

1) ADVOCATE after donating. You’ll be given instructions to write a letter of support to your state elected officials with a click of a button. It takes less than two minutes to complete and it does make an impact.

2) DONATE now by contributing through your favorite distillery or spirits organization. We recommend at least a $50 donation (roughly the cost of a nice bottle of whiskey) to provide the resources needed to continue this grassroots fight. Your donation will be submitted to the Texas Craft Spirits PAC.

3) SHARE  your support on social media by liking Texas Craft Spirits PAC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We need as much social media activity as possible so please use the hashtag #StillStrongTX and Like, Comment, and Share posts by participating distilleries using #StillStrongTX.

As our nation went into a virtual lockdown, Texas distilleries filled the gap during the wide-spread shortage of sanitizers. They went to work as essential employees, followed regulatory guidance,  cranked up their stills, bottling lines, and labeling operations and started making alcohol for hand sanitizer. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of sanitizer were donated to first-responders and front-line health workers, protecting countless lives in the process

The future of Texan’s health and economic prosperity is at risk. Failure to acknowledge this reality and implement common-sense, free-market permissions could result in the death of an entire industry that voluntarily came to the aid of our state when needed. Texas distillers are essential businesses for the health and safety of Texans. Now, they need the essential tools required to stay in business.  

We need your help NOW!

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